Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bashore, Enos S  24 Dec 1878Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I250935 Strausstown Roots 
2 Bierbower, Ellanora Isabelle  04 Jan 1915Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I119510 Strausstown Roots 
3 Bierbower, Marian Edith  29 Jun 1922Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I119513 Strausstown Roots 
4 Boak, Caroline A  10 Jun 1855Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I283701 Strausstown Roots 
5 Bollinger, Charles Alvin  30 Nov 1895Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I247200 Strausstown Roots 
6 Book, Eugene T  25 May 1899Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148548 Strausstown Roots 
7 Books, Alice  26 Sep 1861Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I111897 Strausstown Roots 
8 Books, Claire L  1920Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I158982 Strausstown Roots 
9 Books, Clara Esther  11 Mar 1876Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I158980 Strausstown Roots 
10 Books, David D  08 Feb 1850Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I158553 Strausstown Roots 
11 Books, Edith May  21 Aug 1879Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I104852 Strausstown Roots 
12 Books, Elias William  29 Sep 1872Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I158581 Strausstown Roots 
13 Books, Henrietta Elizabeth  03 Oct 1840Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148519 Strausstown Roots 
14 Books, Ida May  25 Apr 1908Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I183830 Strausstown Roots 
15 Books, James Edgar  19 Sep 1891Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148791 Strausstown Roots 
16 Books, James L  22 Sep 1904Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I158983 Strausstown Roots 
17 Books, Jane Rebecca  18 Jul 1884Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148788 Strausstown Roots 
18 Books, John Henry  21 Aug 1863Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I161598 Strausstown Roots 
19 Books, Mary  about 1874Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148793 Strausstown Roots 
20 Books, Mary Ann  16 Aug 1874Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I158979 Strausstown Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Batdorf, Helen M.  20 Feb 1953Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I247199 Strausstown Roots 
2 Books, Daniel  12 May 1896Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148512 Strausstown Roots 
3 Books, David  03 Sep 1882Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148514 Strausstown Roots 
4 Books, Edith May  03 Jan 1906Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I104852 Strausstown Roots 
5 Books, Julia A  03 Mar 1889Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148521 Strausstown Roots 
6 Books, Sarah Ann  29 Jul 1925Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148523 Strausstown Roots 
7 Bower, Cloyd Solomon  26 Feb 1948Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I198598 Strausstown Roots 
8 Brinton, George Elwood  27 Dec 1932Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I224685 Strausstown Roots 
9 Brinton, John W  16 Feb 1915Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I224687 Strausstown Roots 
10 Cockill, George  02 Nov 1937Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I280035 Strausstown Roots 
11 Davis, George Harry  28 Dec 1921Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I232361 Strausstown Roots 
12 Dickinson, James L  24 Aug 1935Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148529 Strausstown Roots 
13 Faust, Annie E  03 Dec 1920Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148620 Strausstown Roots 
14 Fink, Harriet  12 Jul 1914Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I172009 Strausstown Roots 
15 Gassert, Hilda  11 Jan 1933Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I299288 Strausstown Roots 
16 Heagy, Elizabeth Agnes  25 Nov 1915Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I128059 Strausstown Roots 
17 Hess, Christian  17 Apr 1920Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I283700 Strausstown Roots 
18 Hess, Minerva Dale  02 Oct 1946Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I283703 Strausstown Roots 
19 Hiester, Howard W  09 May 1908Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I074504 Strausstown Roots 
20 Hoffman, Albert  14 May 1913Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I241809 Strausstown Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Books, Daniel  1880Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148512 Strausstown Roots 
2 Books, David  03 Jun 1880Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148514 Strausstown Roots 
3 Dintaman, Elizabeth  1900Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I000691 Strausstown Roots 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Bechtel / Freed  01 May 1896Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F34591 Strausstown Roots 
2 Wilt / Hummel  06 Dec 1896Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F93033 Strausstown Roots 
3 Westbrook / Brinton  28 Jun 1900Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F60506 Strausstown Roots 
4 Barley / Books  01 Jan 1906Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F59395 Strausstown Roots 
5 Fiery / Potteiger  03 May 1906Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F59766 Strausstown Roots 
6 Ulrich / Stouffer  27 Feb 1908Steelton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F54378 Strausstown Roots 

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