Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

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Tree: Strausstown Roots
City/Town : Latitude: 40.2859239, Longitude: -76.6502468


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Amy L  20 Apr 1895Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I197502 Strausstown Roots 
2 Basehore, Alma M  01 Aug 1916Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I193721 Strausstown Roots 
3 Batz, Richard A.  21 Oct 1960Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I263673 Strausstown Roots 
4 Blouh, Robert A. Jr.  14 May 1942Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I251181 Strausstown Roots 
5 Boltz, Earl William  25 Jun 1920Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I265641 Strausstown Roots 
6 Books, Norman Monroe  20 Mar 1928Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I167684 Strausstown Roots 
7 Bossler, Lewis Franklin  19 Dec 1912Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I241908 Strausstown Roots 
8 Boyd, Eugene Elvin  08 Jan 1949Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I273460 Strausstown Roots 
9 Cake, Donald H  31 Jul 1923Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I241919 Strausstown Roots 
10 DeLong, Marshall A  04 Jan 1911Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I115437 Strausstown Roots 
11 Espenshade, Irene May  17 Aug 1902Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I297736 Strausstown Roots 
12 Fritz, Rachel Marie  26 Jun 1983Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I183516 Strausstown Roots 
13 Habecker, Bertha Elizabeth  20 May 1916Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I193574 Strausstown Roots 
14 Herr, Janice R  01 Apr 1933Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I011647 Strausstown Roots 
15 Keller, Wilbur Kermit  27 Jul 1918Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I239454 Strausstown Roots 
16 Kocher, Charles E  22 Feb 1922Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I257467 Strausstown Roots 
17 Kocher, Clair K  02 Mar 1917Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I213752 Strausstown Roots 
18 Koons, James Carl  08 Jun 1942Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I195932 Strausstown Roots 
19 Kromer, Charles Richard  30 Jul 1926Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I285506 Strausstown Roots 
20 Landis, Earl Crawford  05 Oct 1924Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286269 Strausstown Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Althouse, Priscilla  25 May 1962Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I185059 Strausstown Roots 
2 Arnold, Margaret Cecelia  06 Jul 1972Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I283550 Strausstown Roots 
3 Artz, Melda A  23 Feb 2004Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I118241 Strausstown Roots 
4 Aulenbach, Allen Lester  27 Jul 2012Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I282221 Strausstown Roots 
5 Baeshore, William H  23 Oct 1936Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I215905 Strausstown Roots 
6 Baker, Amy L  18 May 1967Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I197502 Strausstown Roots 
7 Barth, Paul Norman  18 Apr 1988Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I007106 Strausstown Roots 
8 Batdorf, Charles Ralph  Aug 1982Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I248019 Strausstown Roots 
9 Batdorf, Curtis Ralph  02 Dec 2008Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I255615 Strausstown Roots 
10 Batdorf, Harriet  21 Oct 2008Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I250791 Strausstown Roots 
11 Batdorf, Irvin Wesley  16 Feb 2008Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I255679 Strausstown Roots 
12 Batdorff, Mabel  06 Apr 1973Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I247846 Strausstown Roots 
13 Batz, Harold Ray  20 Jan 2002Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I130822 Strausstown Roots 
14 Baylor, Thomas Emerich  11 Jun 2011Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I021377 Strausstown Roots 
15 Behler, Betty  03 May 2015Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I270596 Strausstown Roots 
16 Bensinger, Martha Ethel  19 Jan 2009Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I233041 Strausstown Roots 
17 Berger, Gary Robert  03 Feb 1974Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I109411 Strausstown Roots 
18 Berger, Joan O  12 Feb 2018Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I296364 Strausstown Roots 
19 Berger, Robert B  07 Jul 2017Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I269496 Strausstown Roots 
20 Betz, Carrie  25 Apr 1988Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I189073 Strausstown Roots 

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Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Cassel / Wilhelm  30 Mar 1911Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F35013 Strausstown Roots 
2 Keefer / Keeney  05 Jun 1925Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F42805 Strausstown Roots 
3 Groff / Habecker  16 Aug 1941Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F62720 Strausstown Roots 
4 Jones / Spangler  14 Apr 1944Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F61337 Strausstown Roots 
5 Sneath / Auman  09 Mar 1946Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F63990 Strausstown Roots 
6 Jamison / Smith  01 Oct 1949Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F77184 Strausstown Roots 
7 Trautman / Reigle  07 Sep 1963Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F15348 Strausstown Roots 

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