Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

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Tree: Strausstown Roots
City/Town : Latitude: 40.2109244, Longitude: -76.7910821


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Person ID   Tree 
1 Book, Agnes Loretta  08 Apr 1909Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I166879 Strausstown Roots 
2 Book, Paul Lester  01 Apr 1918Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I187797 Strausstown Roots 
3 Book, Russel Edward  31 Mar 1906Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I166878 Strausstown Roots 
4 Bowman, Elizabeth Louise  28 Jan 1872Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I208751 Strausstown Roots 
5 Craul, William Books  13 Oct 1874Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I188423 Strausstown Roots 
6 Crawford, Ermal Mae  08 Jan 1916Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I164121 Strausstown Roots 
7 Crawford, Neva C  22 Feb 1904Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I187800 Strausstown Roots 
8 Duncan, George Moses  03 Sep 1904Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I179431 Strausstown Roots 
9 Keister, Elizabeth  09 Oct 1853Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I166881 Strausstown Roots 
10 Mathias, Pauline Estelle  25 Sep 1895Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I159204 Strausstown Roots 
11 Nace, Alice  18 May 1883Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286751 Strausstown Roots 
12 Nace, Carrie Elizabeth  05 Aug 1878Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286753 Strausstown Roots 
13 Nace, Chester John  13 May 1927Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286681 Strausstown Roots 
14 Nace, Harry Edward  06 Oct 1885Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286683 Strausstown Roots 
15 Nace, Mary Emma  18 Jun 1888Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286754 Strausstown Roots 
16 Nace, Minnie M  19 Jun 1875Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286752 Strausstown Roots 
17 Porr, Ralph Edward  14 Sep 1933Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I159701 Strausstown Roots 
18 Sides, George Elmer  06 Mar 1868Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I166887 Strausstown Roots 
19 Sides, Henrietta R  30 Jul 1912Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I166885 Strausstown Roots 
20 Sides, Kathryn Ernestine  19 Jul 1910Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I166889 Strausstown Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allman, Mary  1871Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I040658 Strausstown Roots 
2 Berger, Harry Augustus  04 Jan 1941Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I136647 Strausstown Roots 
3 Book, Agnes Loretta  25 Mar 1914Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I166879 Strausstown Roots 
4 Book, Sylvester Abraham  20 Jul 1942Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148546 Strausstown Roots 
5 Books, Henrietta E  05 Feb 1921Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148519 Strausstown Roots 
6 Bratten, Robert  Nov 1982Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I017086 Strausstown Roots 
7 Burger, Harry Edwin  11 Jun 1960Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286710 Strausstown Roots 
8 Conrad, Mary Ann  24 Jun 1958Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286711 Strausstown Roots 
9 Cover, Mary Emma  15 Feb 1916Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I286750 Strausstown Roots 
10 Dunkel, William Mahlon  11 Mar 1982Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I203634 Strausstown Roots 
11 Fidler, Lee Irwin Norman  11 Mar 2010Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I245376 Strausstown Roots 
12 Fink, Jeremiah Francis  24 Feb 1944Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I172681 Strausstown Roots 
13 Gerber, Edna M  26 Apr 1979Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I228457 Strausstown Roots 
14 Green, Ella V  19 Apr 1906Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I157689 Strausstown Roots 
15 Grimes, Blanche E  18 Dec 1929Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I166888 Strausstown Roots 
16 Hand, Rhoda V  10 May 1963Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I149729 Strausstown Roots 
17 Hawks, Sophia  05 Nov 1878Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148513 Strausstown Roots 
18 Heim, Willard Ray  Jan 1978Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I239649 Strausstown Roots 
19 Hess, Merle David  15 Jul 1994Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I166890 Strausstown Roots 
20 Hoffman, Elizabeth  11 Apr 1887Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I148563 Strausstown Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Dibeler, Joseph  1920Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania I026969 Strausstown Roots 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Book / Thomas  20 Nov 1898Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F46997 Strausstown Roots 
2 Ulrich / Keister  23 May 1899Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F54168 Strausstown Roots 
3 Burger / Slaseman  27 Sep 1924Highspire, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania F95066 Strausstown Roots 

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